Episode 29

Published on:

15th May 2023

Ep. #29 | Protecting Your Privacy From the World's Psychopaths with Gabriel Custodiet

In episode 29, Marc is joined by privacy consult, author and host of the Watchman Privacy podcast Gabriel Custodiet. Gabriel lays out why he decide to become a "public" persona in order to share his views and strategies when it comes to protecting personal privacy from governments, corporations, fraudsters and hackers. Gabriel breaks down tactics ranging from the incredibly simple to the slightly more complex for protecting your information and data. Marc and Gabriel then pivot to a discussion about psychopaths - "soulless" humans who have no empathetic element which would hold them back from committing heinous crimes.

In the Smoke-Filled Room, Marc and Gabriel dig further into the concept of psychopaths from a spiritual point of view, and take a look into the "reptilian" eyes of psychopaths like El Chapo.

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