Episode 19

Published on:

6th Mar 2023

Ep. #19 | Kinetic Dialectics with Courtenay Turner

In the 19th episode of The Marc Clair Show, Marc is joined by Courtenay Turner of the Courtenay Turner Podcast! Courtenay breaks down how she overcame several disabilities to not only become an aerial dancer but eventually to host a podcast that I must say rivals my own in its' depth of topics covered. From American Ninja Warrior tryouts to finding herself in the nightmare of Los Angeles COVID lockdowns, she has had one heck of a journey to get to where she is today. Courtenay is an absolute delight to speak with and I know you're going to enjoy this one!

In the Smoke-Filled Room bonus segments, we discuss some of the first "rabbit holes" Courtenay found herself digging into and the spiritual filters through which she views the machinations of the New World Order.

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