Episode 32

Published on:

5th Jun 2023

Ep. #32 | The Singularity Has Passed - What's Next? with Amaury Sechet

In episode 32, Marc welcomes in the founder of Bitcoin Cash as well as the founder of his current cryptocurrency project Ecash, Amaury Sechet! Amaury was referenced back in Episode 15 when that episode's guest Cyprian mentioned him as the one who told him he believed the "Singularly" had already passed in regards to Artificial Intelligence.

Amaury details his background in software engineering, and details the problem that he and many others have been trying to help solve through his various cryptocurrency projects. Amaury and Marc discuss the looming threat of CBDC's before dovetailing into the issue of AI and the Singularity. What does it actually mean that the "singularity has passed?" How does AI act like a "Ouija Board". as Cyprian had previously suggested? Is our future battle with AI going to look more like HAL from "2001: A Space Odysee"....or more like "The Terminator?"

Premium subscribers also get access to the Smoke-Filled Room bonus segment, in which we get Amaury's take Satoshi Nakamoto - was he one person or many people, a benevolent innovator or a an op to usher in CBDC's? We also get Amaury's outlook on the spiritual aspect of AI. Does he agree with Cyprian that this technology can serve as a conduit for spirits to influence our world? Join on Patreon, SubscribeStar or Rokfin to hear the entire extended version of this episode!

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