Episode 21

Published on:

20th Mar 2023

Ep. #21 | False Flags 201 with Ole Dammegard

We did False Flags 101 back in Episode 3 with Charlie Robinson, and in Episode 21 we bring in a slightly more tenured professor in this realm to dig further into the topic of false flags. As Charlie referenced on that episode, when you study false flags all roads lead to Ole Dammegard, and in today's episode Ole breaks down his own personal story of how he found out he was raised much closer to this sort of psychological operation than he had ever imagined when he first started look into it. Ole details how intelligence operations utilize drills, crisis actors and other tactics to manipulate the perception of certain events - or fabricate them completely - to garner a certain reaction from the public.

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In the Smoke-Filled room bonus segment for Marc Clair Show premium subscribers, we go even deeper on false flags throughout history, getting Ole's take on events like the sinking of the Titanic, the downing of the Hindenburg, the Challenger explosion, as well as his take on the true nature of the Earth, why we aren't allowed to explore Antarctica, and so much more!

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