Episode 58

Published on:

11th Dec 2023

Ep. #58 | From Darwinian Evolution To UFOs : The Hidden Hand Behind The Narratives w/ Matt Ehret

In. episode 58, Marc is joined by author and documentary filmmaker Matt Ehret, producer of the documentary series "The Hidden Hand Behind UFOs." Matt describes his own evolution from 9'11 to his time as part of the LaRouche movement through his present day work. Marc and Matt discuss the common threads - and familiar names - that have pulled the strings behind the intersecting narratives that have been imbued through the educational, governmental and pop culture systems, in particular those related to Darwinian evolution and UFO's.

In the Smoke-Filled Room for Premium subscribers, Marc digs deeper with Matt on the subject of Jacques Vallee, his work on the "Invisible College", and his suspect occult and intelligence connections.

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