Episode 8

Published on:

19th Dec 2022

Ep. #8 | Strength Through Suffering with Father Turbo Qualls

In the 8th episode of The Marc Clair Show, Marc welcomes in a Father Turbo Qualls, an Orthodox Christian priest with a very unconventional pathway to the faith. Turbo details the origins of his very unique name as well as the path that would eventually lead him to Orthodoxy, which took pit stops in the realm of comic books, mythology, punk rock, the tattoo scene, and the occult. Along the way, they uncover the value of suffering and how it strengths the mind, body and soul.

Premium subscribers also get access to the the smoke-filled room segment, where Father Turbo and Marc dig into the content of the Book of Enoch, which Father Turbo does describe as Biblical "canon." They discuss the implications of the Book of Enoch and how it relates to ancient mythologies and ancient worshipped deities.


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